) What are the key points from the readings regarding the limitations of the medical model in providing a practice based theory for mental health care?
Q2) Discuss two (2) of the essentials for recovery informed practice and consider how they might apply to the out-of-hospital setting.
E.g. engaging with curiosity a true willingness to listen and find out about the person and understand their circumstances. How would you apply this concept in your practice?
Q3) Describe the purpose of conducting a mental state examination outline the components of the mental state examination and what is considered under each.
Q4) Define and describe the concept of insight and capacity and discuss why they are difficult to determine in the out-of-hospital setting.
Q5) Discuss how your state or territory Mental Health Act defines mental illness and identify which section under the Mental Health Act is relevant to you as paramedics.
Q6) Briefly describe your role as defined under the Mental Health Act (what powers do you have and responsibilities).
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