The title of the assignment is: ‘World Health Organisation Issues – a critical comparison A list of WHO health topics can be found at <> The essay title is very broad; you will need to narrow it down to a particular health issue, which can be relevant to your profession. Demonstrate you have critically reviewed a range of data and have synthesised and compared the information. For example if you are interested in Food Safety, you may even narrow your topic to surveillance, contamination or prevention in the two countries of choice. Steps to get you started: 1. Choose your health topic of interest 2. Choose 2 countries Format/expectations This assignment relates to a number of the course objectives: • Critically analyse and synthesise information from a range of sources including esources • Discuss the relevance of information to healthcare in different contexts • Demonstrate appropriate academic writing skills • Compare and contrast several contemporary approaches to health care, using information that has gathered from a range of sources – journal, net, text… • Incorrect referencing will result in the assignment being returned for correction. If the referencing is still not correct the essay will receive a F1 automatically This is primarily an essay assignment. Please make use of the resources within the course to help you focus and synthesis your ideas for this assignment Re-marking and re-submission are not permitted. Format is single line spacing. Student Name

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