Computer sciences and Information technology delivering care to their patients. Patient registration, X-ray results, blood tests, etc. will all be delivered to the ER doctors leveraging the network. This is very crucial because it could be the difference between life and death. As a result, the network must experience a very high percentage of uptime. As the senior network architect, you are required to design and implement a network that will deliver these services efficiently and effectively and implement measures to reduce the risk of outages. To do this, your network must be designed to leverage network management software for monitoring and alerts. In a report of 2-3 pages, complete the following: • Discuss each software. • Include the benefits and drawbacks of each software. • Make a recommendation to your clients based on your research of which software you would recommend and why. Create a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your report. • It should be 12 slides including the title slide and reference slides. • 5 slides should be dedicated to each software that you are discussing. • Highlight the features of interest about each software. • Provide speaker notes for each slide

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