Healthcare has been in the headlines for several years now. Essentially, how does the Us healthcare industry best meet the needs of its customers, namely all potential patients in the country? You have been tasked with researching the current state of healthcare delivery in the following area: 0 How are hospitals driving cast out of health care delivery? You need to perform a literature review (periodicals, journals …) looking for the operational challenges facing hospitals and their supply chains. Your team must have a minimum of 20 periodicals. Specifically, how has the affordable care act impacted the day to day business of hospitals in the United States, and what are hospitals doing to improve health care delivery? Next, using the knowledge gained in MGT 301 , make recommendations to address the operational challenges found in your literature research. Create a Power Point presentation summarizing your research with citations and your recommendations to the operational challenges you found. You will be allotted 8 to 10 minutes for your presentation to your peers. Required Sections 1. Existing Hospital Supply Chain Challenges and Problems (include a detailed supply chain diagram) 2. Summary of what hospitals are doing to improve their supply chains 3. Summary of your team’s recommendations on how hospitals should improve their supply chains Place this order with us and get 18% discount now! to earn your discount enter this code: special18 If you need assistance chat with us now by clicking the live chat button.

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