Healthcare and Public Health Sector Specific Plan Description: You have tasked your lawyer and accountant with reviewing the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Specific Plan. As part of this review, you’ve asked them to answer the following questions in an information paper: Did the federal government follow the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Specific Plan when first responding to the Ebola outbreak? If the federal government did implement the SSP, how did they do it? If not, what plan did they follow? Are there any legal/financial implications for you in your role as Mayor of Houston Texas in the way in which the federal government responded? If so, what are they? Links for information and other info: Lawyers and accountants help decision makers manage their time and adapt to outside influences. Lawyers are also concernd about liability and they will monitor what other officials are doing. They’ll want to know if another official is creating precedent (Governors Christie and Page). They’ll also want to another if another actor’s action will create a legal liability (Dallas Hospital and CDC). Accountants are the money people. They are the ones the decision maker will turn to find out if he or she has enough money to act (Dallas hospital settlement).

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