Scenario: Currently the facility where you are employed has paper records. They are looking at purchasing an Electronic Health Record (EHR). You have been asked to identify the current discharge process and what that discharge process will look like following implementation of the EHR. The current process is as follows:The previous day’s discharges are picked up from the units each morningRecords are verified using a list to ensure all discharges are receivedCharts are assembled and reviewed for missing documentation. If documentation is missing placed in a Hold Area for three (3) days to obtain information.Charts are analyzed for missing signatures and second review for missing documentation. If documentation is missing, placed in a Hold Area for three (3) days to obtain information. If signatures are missing, placed in incomplete area until signed.Charts are coded when all information and signatures are presentCharts are abstracted for quality indicators following coding.Step One:Create a diagram of the current processStep Two:Write a short description of the changes that will occur with the implementation of an EHR and who will be affected.Step Three:Create a diagram of a possible new process following the implementation of the EHR.Step Four:Submit the two diagrams and the description for grading

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