The intent of this course is to prepare future health care managers for the complex nature of the ever-evolving United States health care industry. To advance your knowledge of innovative practices in health care, you will examine health policy initiatives from different perspectives. Many of these policies will help frame your opinion of health care delivery, which in turn may impact your career path.In this introductory assignment, you are required to examine your current professional and personal goals and identify areas where you feel you need professional growth. If you have not already reviewed your Lifelong Leadership Inventory (LLI) assessment from DHA8002 as directed in the studies in this unit, do so at this time. Using your LLI assessment, identify competency areas that you need to work on. Create a 10-year timeline outlining personal and professional development goals. What changes do you anticipate that may affect your achievement of these goals, and how will you act before and after you tackle these changes? How will you align professional growth and personal career goals with the direction of your organization? Your paper should be 3–4 pages long. Cite all resources using proper APA sixth edition guidelines.

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