Compare and contrast two therapeutic approaches for people suffering from depression
Project description
Learning outcomes (Must be covered)
Analysis of the psychological therapeutic interventions used within mental health care
Explore physical treatments used within mental health care settings taking into consideration current mental health practice
Reflect upon the principles of assessing people with mental health problems
Examine underpinning legislation and policies related to working with people with mental health problems
The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast two specific therapeutic interventions for people with depression covering all of the learning outcomes above.
Please could you start with a wide comparison of biomedical interventions (Possibly mentioning Electro Convulsive Therapy) compared to psychological interventions. Thereafter can the focus and main body of the essay compare and contrast the use of Medication against the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for the treatment of depression.
Can the names and normal doses of the medications used be included and if possible the percentages of success / failure for both types of interventions be quoted
Consider if mood stabilisers work and if the side effects are worth it. Also are other medications needed to counter side effects of the drugs and would alternative interventions be better?
You should demonstrate understanding of the rationale and practice of the chosen interventions
You should compare and contrast the chosen interventions examining strengths and limitations of each approach
You should reinforce your ideas with examples from practice
You may wish to draw your own conclusions as to the interventions usefulness as therapeutic approaches

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