PREPARE AN ARTICLE FOR PUPLICATION which is a comparative analysis of three different health systems. In your article you MUST address the following:
1- Compare and contrast the design and functioning of the three different health systems.
2- Explain why they are different.
3- Comparatively evaluate the three systems utilising a comparative analytical framework.
4- Evaluate proposals for reform in each of the systems.
This assignment is to be presented as if you are submitting A MANUSCRIPT FOR PUBLICATION (editorial commentary or debate).
You may follow the guidelines for authors as set out in one of the following journals:
The Australian Health Review:
The AsiaPacific Journal of Health Management ? (follow the links on the left hand side of the home page)
Australia and New Zealand Health Policy

-Choose 3 systems you know very well to compare and please let me know what are they before you start.
-Please make sure every sentence cited by the right reference so that the idea will be found in its reference when its checked up.
-Just double check that NO ANY copy and paste because the paper will be checked by a special programme that can find matching using Turnitin besides matching between universities students.
-Make sure you followed and applied all the requirements of the attached marking guide paper as the paper should get 7.

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