Review health data of local health jurisdictions and establishing priorities for funding for the upcoming fiscal year. After reviewing the following information Eagle Rock County    San Marino County    Baldwin County Population <64 years    2,490,653    299,658    250,765 >65 years    372,166    99,885    2,857 Total Population    2,862,819    399,543    253,622 Number of Deaths <64 yrs    4955    900    1854 >65 yrs    9,845    3,700    455 Total Deaths    14,800    4,600    2,309 Cause of Death Coronary Heart Disease    6,200    1,800    790 Cancer    3,300    1,000    429 Homicide    3,100    800    450 Motor Vehicle Accident    2,200    1,000    640 1.    Calculate and compare the crude and age-specific death rates for each of the three counties (refer to the information Crude, Specific, and Adjusted Rates in the module homepage).  Based on the crude death rate, which county appears to have the greatest need for funding? Does the age-specific death rate change your view regarding which county has a greater need for funding?  Explain. Why is it possible to have a low crude rate and higher age-specific death rates? 2.    Calculate and compare the cause-specific death rates (Use the information at

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