Breast cancer: Our evidence-based project will demonstrate the role of epigenetics and genetics in breast cancer progression and early detection and at the same time we will focus on demonstrating stakeholders and health policymakers that evidence is available showing that improving breast cancer survival rates can be readily implemented using the existing and available screening methods in addition to elemental and relevant genetics and epigenetic tests.
(4 pages in total)
Grading Criteria and points to cover:
Part 1: Introduction
1- Briefly introduction and briefly summarized the practice issue or problem providing background information and the perceived significance of the problem. (1 pages) (20 points)
2- Discussed the aim of the project what aspect of practice needs improvement (For example mammography criteria and necessity of health insurance coverage)
(1 page). (10 points)
3- Described desired outcomes. (Use of epigenetics and genetic in detection of breast cancer instead of mammography and the broad use in all women ages) Discuss the significance of the issue in terms of poor outcomes cost etc. (2 pages)
4-Included a question in PICOT format to drive the literature search for evidence.* State your question in PICOT format labeling each part with P-I-C-O-T in parentheses! (Must be part of the final page of the previous point (3)(20 points)
Example of PICOT question:
*PICOT Question example: -Will female patients (P) screened for ovarian tumors with transvaginal ultrasound (I) included in yearly wellness gynecological exam versus usual care (C) improve early detection of ovarian cancer (O) over a six-month period (T)?

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