Nursing Informatics Competencies
Todays fast-paced health care environment demands nurses to be skilled not only in their clinical practice or specialty area but in the use of technology tools that improve practice and lead to better patient care. Basic and advanced technology competencies are required and expected as technology increasingly touches and changes the job of every nurse. Numerous organizations including the American Nurses Association (ANA) the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) have developed nurse-specific technology competencies. The challenge for nurses is to identify both needs and training opportunities.
In this Discussion you identify the role informatics plays in your professional responsibilities. You pinpoint personal gaps in skills and knowledge and then develop a plan for self-improvement.
To prepare:
By Day 3
Postthe key functional area(s) of nursing informatics relevant to your current position or to a position you recently held and briefly describe why this area(s) is relevant. Identify the TIGER competencies you selected as essential to your functional area(s) in which you need improvement. Describe why these competencies are necessary and outline a plan for developing these competencies. Include any resources that are available to you within your organization and the ways you might access those resources. Assess how developing nursing informatics competencies would increase your effectiveness as a nurse.
Please do this in APA format with 3 scholarly references

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