Evidence-Based Research dentify, analyze, and discuss the components that comprise a valid evidence-based research study. Based on the information compiled above, interview a health care leader about his/her experiences related to using evidence-based research to drive changes in practices in his/her facility. Write a report of your findings. Include the following in your report: 1) The changes that the health care leader has been involved in implementing. 2) How strong did the leader feel the research on the topic was? Why? 3) Have they ever rejected research findings? Why or why not? 4) Include any concerns they have had or resistance they have experienced when implementing changes based on research. 5) Analyze your findings as they apply to the components of evidence-based research. Describes clearly all of the components of a valid evidence-based research study (in student’s own words). Clearly describes a thorough understanding of how a healthcare leader has used such studies to drive change, and gives specific examples. Supports main points with references, examples, and full explanations of how they apply. Thoughtfully analyzes, evaluates, and describes major points of the criteria.

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