Topic: Client Education Order Description Answer a to all these questions as essay using the three art What topics do you commonly teach your patients? What aids, if any, do you use? How do you evaluate learning? Why would you change your usual approach to this topic? Introduction to Client Education Nurses educate clients several times a day.  This takes place either formally or informally Client education will be approached on a different level compared to your original preparation for nursing.  There are teaching plans to complete along with threaded discussions about client education in practice. This is another format that will be used as part of the 12 credit clinical decision making examination.  It is suggested that students review the teaching plan section of the client education module  to become familiar  with writing objectives, knowing the type of objective and methods to teach different clients. Topics: •    Essentials of teaching and learning •    Domains of learning •    Principles of learning •    Factors that detract from learning •    Factors that facilitate teaching and learning •    Principles of teaching •    Teaching strategies •    Evaluation •    Issues in client education Introduction to Client Education Upon completing the readings, students will be able to: •    Explain the essentials of teaching and learning •    Explore the factors that facilitate learning •    Discuss the principles of teaching •    Analyze which verbs have few interpretations There are also tables that list verbs with few interpretations versus those that have many.  The articles in the required readings will serve as a basis for threaded discussions and for writing a teaching plan in the Clinical Decision Making Assessment.

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