Drugs and intoxicants in world history
The money from the illicit drug trade has played an important role in the political social and economic histories of many drug producing nations especially after World War II. In a simplistic sense the basic principles of supply and demand have bound together previously isolated regions of the world into a remarkably fluid global market. Yet the reasons why the three major drug producing regions of the world (Golden Triangle Golden Crescent and South/Latin America) became major producers of illicit drugs are not so easily explained by simple market dynamics of supply and demand. Each region has a unique cultural economic and political story that has fundamentally shaped how and why that region began to produce illicit drugs.
Analyze the three major drug trafficking regions and explain how drug production emerged from its social economic and political history. In your answer pick one country from the three regions and explain how that countrys history shaped how and why it became an integral piece of the global narcotics economy. BUT ALSO explain how that country was influenced by REGIONAL (surrounding or connected nations) and INTERNATIONAL (US drug policy international drug regulations) forces.
An important part of your answer is also explaining how demand for drugs has been fundamental to this global economy. The fourth component of your exam should analyze drug consumption in the US its evolution over time (since 1945) and how it has influenced and how it has been influenced by internal and external factors.

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