1. Analyse compare and discuss drug control and use legislation in a country other than Australia. In your essay you should provide an overview of Australian drug legislation and compare it with another country. Are the drug laws in your chosen country harsher or more lenient and why? Is there more of a focus on harm reduction or criminalisation? What are the impacts of their legislation and drug control on illicit drug use in that country compared to Australia? What is your view on the effectiveness of the drug control legislation or public policy in the other country compared to Australia?
2. Analyse and discuss harm reduction strategies in respect of illicit drug use currently being implemented in Australia. In your answer you should briefly discuss the history of harm reduction policies and analyse the key elements of the harm reduction framework. Is there a tension between these elements and if so what do you think could be done to reconcile this? In your essay you should discuss some of the key Australian harm reduction programs and their impacts.
3.Analyse and discuss changing illicit drug use patterns practices and policies with regards to the availability of illicit substances available through the internet. What are the key challenges that drug supply through the internet presents for drug regulationa and legislation? How are drug use and supply practices shaped by internet technologies? Are the drug laws and their enforcement able or capable of keeping abreast with new substances coming onto the market?

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